Saturday, November 19, 2005

Early Morning Breakdown

Sensei asked M. to help the T., L., and K. get ready for 6th kyu testing in December and suggested that this morning was a good time to start. T. had some trouble getting up that early - she always does! I dropped her off ten minutes late and parked the car so I was fifteen minutes late. We started doing some aiki taiso after some warming up but were interrupted by the staff person at the rec center who told us that a birthday party had the room reserved. Well, aikido teaches us to be flexible and to "roll with the punches" so we put the mats away and went out on the lawn. Sensei M. reconvened us with some ki testing (a 6th kyu requirement). Then, since we had enough bokkens between us we worked on the bokken kamae and suburi. We ended with bokken kata number 1 which is the bokken version of happo undo.

T. really enjoyed the bokken. She made me work with her for another 20 minutes after we got home.

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