Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Shared Class

Tonight, Sensei shared class with a fellow student from "the old days". J.S. sensei taught the first half of the class (after warm-ups). He stressed the importance of the role of uke in making a committed attack all the way through practice and not to start expecting the same responses from nage. A large portion of what we did was katatori kokyunage with a little kaitenage thrown in for spice. Sensei picked up with that and we did katatori iriminage and shihonage and ended with kokyudoza and some stretches.

Weight: 300

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Birthday Rolls!

Since my 49th birthday is tomorrow I got to do my birthday rolls tonight. I was Sensei's uke seven times (out of eight) and he threw me seven times each. I also got to work with the other students between demonstrations, as usual. In addition, we ended the night with jiyuwaza practice and I was uke every other time for seven throws each. I did a lot of uke-ing tonight! The techniques we worked on tonight were ushiro tekubitori kokyunage, ikkyo, kaitenage, kotegaeshi, and shihonage as well as henkawaza from ikkyo to sokomen iriminage. We then switched to munetsuki kokyunage and kaitenage. I went through two bottles of water during class and drank another on the way home.

Weight: 300

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ushiro Dori and Ushiro Tekubitori

After warming up we worked with several variations on grab attacks from behind. Most were variations of kokyunage but quite a few others came up, too. We ended with randori. Because I was so tired I didn't do as well as usual. Ah, well. It was still fun.

Weight: 300

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yudansha Night

Since Sensei is out of town M.K. sensei and P.H. sensei shared teaching tonight. After warming up, M.K. sensei had us work on side-fall ukemi with kotegaeshi. We also worked on katatori ikkyo. P.H. sensei had us work with munetsuki sumi otoshi, ikkyo, and kokyu nage. I ran out of steam in the last 45 minutes of class.

Weight: 295

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Katatori Ikkyo

After warming up we worked with the katatori tai sabaki. This lead into several variations of katatori ikkyo then oyowaza (henkawaza?) changes to kotegaeshi, sumi otoshi, koshinage, etc.

Weight: 299

Friday, March 09, 2007

Jodori and Jonage

We jumped right in with tenchinage tai sabaki, tonight, then quickly proceeded to a deep iriminage to practice a "fan fall" where uke goes to the inside knee and hand and swings around the outside leg to stand up into the iriminage. It's closer to the iwama style of iriminage. Takes a bit of coordination and it's pretty different for those of us who are used to aren't that quick on our feet and those with knee problems. Then we stretched a bit and reviewed some of Tuesday's jodori and related hand techniques. We added the related jonage techniques (where uke attacks with the jo), as well. We ended the evening with some randori. I got to do one. Sensei added a fourth uke at the end to push me a bit. I need to add more irimi! Sensei is starting to prep, E.L., B.A. and I for sankyu testing.

Weight: 300

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


We warmed up and did some extra ukemi practice. Because the jo serves as an extension, jodori tends toward stronger throws. For several of the exercises, instead of doing six groups across the mat we used three groups lengthwise. As usual with jodori we practice the hand art that informs the jo art. Fun!

Weight: 302

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gokkyu Test!

We started off with warmups ending with ukemi and shikko around the mat to break in the new mats. They're nice! Grippy when you put weight on them but a little slicker than the old ones if you don't bear down. They're a sage or tatami green and look nice. The velcro is *very* strong.

We worked on yokomenuchi variations tonight; tai sabaki, iriminage, sokomen iriminage, and a couple other variations. At the end of class P. F. tested for gokkyu tonight and did pretty well. I got to take part in his randori.

I felt zapped too often, tonight. I need to avoid simple carbs before class because I think I have a sugar crash.

Weight: 300