Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ukemi and Munetsuki

T. had a sore throat so she didn't come to class tonight.

We started off by warming up with ukemi practice from variations on ryotetori (kokyunage, iriminage, sokomen iriminage, and others). To add intensity to the practice Sensei reminded us that when we're working without a weapon treat the attacks as if they did include a weapon and when working with a weapon do the technique as if there was no weapon there. The idea is to be in the state of mind that allows full concentration but stay open to the whole situation by not focusing exclusively on the weapon.

Then we worked with munetsuki variations, some that, for me, were awkward. After preemptively parrying the munetsuki at the elbow (weight underside!) we did an inside tenkan spin transferring the control of uke's elbow or forearm to the other hand behind our back. From there, as our movement spun uke around we have openings for, oh, so many techniques: iriminage, sumi otoshi, ikkyo, sankyo, kokyunage, etc.

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