Thursday, September 29, 2005

Munetsuki Iriminage, Sumi Otoshi, Bokken Dori

It was a warm one tonight! It was still in the mid-80s as I drove home. T. sat this one out for the heat and staying-up-too-late-induced tiredness.

I did some rolling on my left side during warm-up, forward and backward. I gingerly tried a right-side roll but my shoulder still doesn't feel comfortable doing that.

We worked on the 3rd (I think) munetsuki tai sabaki. The basic move is the 1st tai sabaki, a tenkan pivot on the outside of the striking hand. With the 3rd, however, we used an inside step blocking outward and the opposite hand moves to the uke's chin for the iriminage variation. Later, instead of the chin push we did an atemi strike toward the face followed by:

  • a quick tenkan pivot and immediate sumi otoshi - uke continuing in original direction

  • nage's atemi hand runs to the back of uke's neck while the other hand drops uke's fist, tenkan around uke's opposite side dropping uke's head and raising uke's arm into a kaiten nage

  • a *large* step back across in front of uke (technical term: "zig") while holding uke's wrist and forearm followed by a large step behind uke (technical term: "zag") with a strong sumi otoshi

  • Anyway, all these techniques are applicable in bokken dori (when uke attacks with a bokken).

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