Thursday, March 23, 2006

Birthday Rolls - Denied!

My dang elbow has cost me my birthday rolls! My right elbow has been sore since last Friday when I arm-wrestled four teenaged boys (15, 15, 16, 17) in about 5 minutes. In keeping with the old adage "Old age and trickery will always defeat youth and skill", I beat them all. Of course, I cheated: I used ki and patience. Unfortunately, I've been paying for it all week. Ah, well.

We worked on quite a few kaitenage variations this evening. We also worked with something I'd never seen before: katame nage - pinning throw. T. is rolling pretty well, these days, but she did fall and bonk her head tonight. She says she saw nothing but white for a little while. After a bit, though, she shook it off and kept going.

Several people took me out to sushi, afterward, for my birthday. Such good people!

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