Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jodori, Pretest for S. and My Birthday Rolls!

We warmed up this evening with jo kata number 1. I remembered a lot of it but there are some tricky transistions that I have trouble with. T. loves weapons (she prefers the bokken, though). We went from that into jodori - throws done when uke grabs the jo. These are very compelling throws because of the extra leverage the jo gives nage. I was doing pretty well in my rolls tonight.

Sensei called me up to demonstrate the advantage of leverage against a large person (that's me). He threw me a dozen or so times (*whew!*) then asked how many that was. Well, I hadn't been counting but someone had (B.?, T.?): 13. He threw me three more times and said that was the first third of my birthday rolls. After more practice he called me up again and gave me another 16 rolls - the second third of my 48. I was pretty winded but I kept getting up!. We practiced some more and he called me up again. This time, the yudansha got to throw me twice and everyone else got to throw me once except T., as the last, who, as my daughter, got to throw me as many times as she wanted. Fortunately, she only threw me twice. I'm happy that I did all my rolls in one night. Last year, Sensei spread them over three classes!

Then we went through S.'s last pretest before her Saturday test.

T. and several others took me out to sushi again for my birthday. T. said it was for my birthday rolls, this time. What a great bunch of people!

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