Saturday, April 01, 2006

S.'s Nikkyu Test

We got together this morning for S.'s nikkyu test. We had nineteen people on the mat which is pretty big for a Saturday morning class. This is the fourth time I've practiced on the mat this week and my legs were squealing! We worked from taisabaki stretches right into kokyunage rolls. Fun class, good test.


Okay, so it was April Fools Day, too. Most people on the mat had a rubber chicken tucked into their dogis. Mine fell out in front of Sensei but he didn't say anything. It wasn't until during the test when T.M.'s chicken fell out that he said that he knew something was up when he saw mine. At the end of the test after clapping for S. we all threw the multicolored rubber chickens at her.

In our closing circle, S. presented Sensei with her April Fools joke. It was a small cake with some japanese writing on it. M. translated it as Nan de kore!" - "What's this!"

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