Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's been about a year, now!

Last year, T. convinced me to take her to Aikido. We started about one year ago, just after getting our first second car.

I nearly didn't go, tonight. I've fooled myself into believing that I need to have some carb-laden food in the midafternoon before class to avoid feeling run down during class. Turns out that eating carbs (read: sugar) really makes things worse, instead. This afternoon I... well, had a little sugar binge and the resulting blood-sugar crash nearly put me to sleep. I felt so dragged out that I waffled about going to class at all. By the time I drove home, I'd collected myself well enough to put on my dogi and get to to dojo half an hour late.

I talked with T.D. after class who also almost didn't make it tonight. She suggested SuperFood and I think I'm going to order a round of it to see how it goes.

The mat fits - just barely - in the living room. T. and I did aiki taiso yesterday evening and she did a round of rolling. We figured out how she was coming up on the wrong side in her forward rolls: She starts with her off-foot forward. She switched feet and rolled out right.

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