Saturday, December 03, 2005

Early in the Morning!

T. actually got up in time to almost make it to the dojo on time! Saturday mornings are smaller classes than the usual Tuesday and Thursday classes so we have a lot more room to work so that's always fun.

M.K. sensei warmed us up then took us through some ukemi practice. We rolled (mai ukemi) over one of our fellow students. I haven't done that one since I worked with D.K. sensei about twenty years ago! I still drop to my knee on the left-side roll. I almost made it on my right side. I didn't hurt anyone, though - I worked off to the side. My shoulder-fear is still inhibiting me. Dang!

After that we broke down the iriminage, kokyunage, and kotegaeshi throws designed to help the people who are testing soon. I found it very instructive, too, since, as I wrote in the last post, I've been falling back on some of my twenty-plus year old style techniques and I need to update them.

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