Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Woo Hoo!

T. tested tonight along with her cadre, L.U. and K.R.. The rest of our family came to watch the test and meet all the neat people T. and I get to play with every week.

We started the evening with techniques starting from ushirodori: kokyunage, shihonage, and others. Then we did the testing. L.U. went first then T. then K.R. Sensei had to laugh when T. charged up to be uke for L.U. though she really should have waited to be called. I got to be T.'s first uke and she had a lot of fun slamming me down with kotegaeshi, kokyunage and iriminage. On the last throw she knocked my glasses off! All three of them did very well. All that pretest work really paid off.

Afterward, a lot of us went to sushi to celebrate.

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Anonymous said...

HooHooHooHoooooo! (says Tigger)

Awesome and Well Done T. :)

(((to all)))