Thursday, December 01, 2005

Test Prep and Sushi!

T. and I had lots more energy tonight. I don't think either of us pooped out the whole evening. Chalk it up to healthier living. As she has the last couple classes, T. joined the others getting ready for testing before class started. I like to see her take initiative.

M.L. succeeded in his sankyu test on Tuesday.

While teaching shomenuchi iriminage, Sensei showed the "old" way of doing the first entry (think of the shomenuchi ikkyo undo aikitaiso). That's the way I've been doing it all along! I didn't realize that I hadn't been following Sensei's lesson. Toyoda shihan's method (the "new" way) is definitely more dynamic and involves more just plain old getting-out-of-the-way which, when properly done, leaves you in the right spot for a lot more choice in technique. Nevertheless, Sensei taught that the old way is a good basic technique.

We got to throw M.K. around since it was her birthday. We went out to sushi for M.K.'s birthday and M.L.'s sankyu promotion.

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