Thursday, May 11, 2006

Jo-Nage to Jo-Dori

We warmed up with some taisabaki to get the blood flowing. We worked our way down lines of ukes doing katate kosadori tenkan and irimi movements. We continued from where we left off Tuesday with jo-nage, again, following what we were practicing by hand with the comparable jo move. We also tried the jo-dori version of some of the throws. The difference between jo-nage and jo-dori is who starts out with the jo. If the nage starts out with the jo it's jo-nage. If the uke starts out with the jo it's jo-dori.

My sore shoulder continued to hamper my participation. Sensei told me only to roll on the other side.

T. was called up for randori. Sensei stopped her a few seconds into the first one because she was trying to out-muscle M.L., S.F. and another big guy. She did much better on the second try.

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