Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Well, Whaddayaknow!

Sensei said he had a surprise for us and that we'd find on at 8:10. We got down to it fast and furious tonight. We were zipping through techniques left and right. I was tired right from the start, wilting during the warm-up aikitaiso. I got dizzy a little and had to sit down a couple times. Every time I did Sensei said something about how I was doing well or how I certainly had a little more to give. Every time I got up and did some more. Then, after a little mini-randori practice (I sat out), he announced the surprise. Three yonkyu tests. ... That meant me. He called us up - Hai, Sensei! - and we started testing. B.A. and E.L. are in much better physical shape than I am. Miraculously, I wasn't so tired anymore. My brain locked up on a couple techniquest but i carried on. I did the third randori and was pretty wiped but I made it. *Whew*

T.M. and B.N. took me out to sushi aftwards. I feel good!

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