Tuesday, June 13, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different...

A.O. sensei led class tonight in sensei's absence. After warming up we started with katatori ikkyo, emphasizing footwork, appropriate distance and proper balance-breaking. From ikkyo we went to sankyo. Next, we practiced mae geri or front kick. Next, in pairs, we practiced mae geri kokyunage and mae geri sokomen iriminage in which nage enters to the outside of uke's kicking leg. Then we did another mae geri kokyunage (I think) where nage backs directly away from the kick catching uke's leg then pushes back. The uke either turns and rolls mai ukemi or falls back into ushiro ukemi. At speed, though, it would likely be a flat back breakfall. For the last mae geri nage steps to the inside of uke's kick, catches the heel and rotates the knee inward. Uke turns and falls face-first to the mat hopefully lowering himself on his arms. We ended with shomenuchi kotegaeshi.

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