Thursday, June 15, 2006

Birthday and Basics

We celebrated B.A.'s birthday a little late since he was gone for his birthday. T. was practicing singing tonight so she couldn't make it. While (as usual) I was soaked after warming up I managed to make it through most everything tonight. We worked on ryokatatori iriminage and kokyunage, katatetori sokomen iriminage (static), yokomenuchi iriminage and henkawaza to a kaitenage throw. Things got a little more esoteric from there. Fun stuff!

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ambiguous wanderer said...

This is so bizarre. I was just catching up on the Twitz strips and came across your blog from the Hide and Seek game.

I never expected to come across another blogger who practices aikido, let alone write about the art. I'm an aikikai student.

Will be dropping by from time to time. *grin*