Thursday, March 22, 2007

Birthday Rolls!

Since my 49th birthday is tomorrow I got to do my birthday rolls tonight. I was Sensei's uke seven times (out of eight) and he threw me seven times each. I also got to work with the other students between demonstrations, as usual. In addition, we ended the night with jiyuwaza practice and I was uke every other time for seven throws each. I did a lot of uke-ing tonight! The techniques we worked on tonight were ushiro tekubitori kokyunage, ikkyo, kaitenage, kotegaeshi, and shihonage as well as henkawaza from ikkyo to sokomen iriminage. We then switched to munetsuki kokyunage and kaitenage. I went through two bottles of water during class and drank another on the way home.

Weight: 300

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