Friday, March 09, 2007

Jodori and Jonage

We jumped right in with tenchinage tai sabaki, tonight, then quickly proceeded to a deep iriminage to practice a "fan fall" where uke goes to the inside knee and hand and swings around the outside leg to stand up into the iriminage. It's closer to the iwama style of iriminage. Takes a bit of coordination and it's pretty different for those of us who are used to aren't that quick on our feet and those with knee problems. Then we stretched a bit and reviewed some of Tuesday's jodori and related hand techniques. We added the related jonage techniques (where uke attacks with the jo), as well. We ended the evening with some randori. I got to do one. Sensei added a fourth uke at the end to push me a bit. I need to add more irimi! Sensei is starting to prep, E.L., B.A. and I for sankyu testing.

Weight: 300

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