Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm Back!

I'm back after a family trip up to Oregon. Beautiful coast, mountains, rivers, ... bookstores. We had a new student this evening, plus it was C's 22nd birthday so 22 was the number of the night for rolls, etc. We're also getting M.L. ready for his nikkyu test next week. After warming up (man, can a week and a half out of the dojo take the wind out of me! I did, however, manage to keep myself up through the suspend-myself-on-toes-and-elbows for a count of 22 - twice!) we did some ki testing practice and worked through the four principles of mind/body coordination:

  1. Keep one-point (mind)

  2. Relax completely (body)

  3. Weight underside (body)

  4. Extend ki (mind)

We progressed into katatori shihonage then munetsuki kotegaeshi (advanced people did the hanmi handachi version and ended up with munetsuki iriminage (the expand-the-circle-around-uke kind). We ended with mixed jiyu waza (sort of like one person randori) and birthday throws.

It was good to be back

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