Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ushiro Hijitori Night

T. came to aikido tonight with the twin inducements of sushi and driving. We were a little late so we missed the beginning of warm-ups. After aiki taiso we worked on ushiro hijitori techniques (grabbing the elbows from behind): kokyunage, kotegaeshi, and iriminage. We ended with A.O.'s birthday rolls (25 was the number for the night) and a bit of randori for those who'll be testing in the next couple months. Afterward, some of went out for sushi to celebrate A.O.'s birthday and M.L.'s nikkyu advancement (last week).

Starting now, I'm going to be posting my weight. I am way overweight and it negatively impacts everything I do. It's, frankly, a danger to me on the mat and I need to put as much effort into losing weight as I do when I'm practicing Aikido. My weight certainly played a part when I hyperextended my knee in January 2005 and when I dislocated my shoulder a year ago.

Weight: 310

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