Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gokkyu Test!

I got to the dojo a little early tonight so I could work on the kumi tachi we learned on Monday. We did another fast-start warmup with tai sabaki stretches - initial movements leading to stretches rather than throws - then our regular stretches and S.W. special ab exercises. We then went very quickly through all the techniques for a gokkyu test. I was dripping and felt pretty wrung out but I stayed with it. Sensei even called me up as uke to demonstrate yokomenuchi sokomen iriminage. We did some randori and I was uke in two of them - whew! - then we did D.T.'s gokkyu test which went pretty well.

After class, Sensei complemented me on how much my endurance had improved. It really has even though this week I've felt more wrung out because I'm trying to eat less and better. A.O. also complemented my on my will power and the spirit I bring to class. Since I've just recognized a couple weeks ago that I've been resting on my habit of attending class and have been focusing on, well, focusing, staying intent and - a big one - getting up as quickly as possible and maintaining zanshin (another lesson I helped illustrate this evening). Aikido is a spiritual path for me since, as I said in my conversation with A.O., will power and even just being present can't rely on muscle strenth or even thinking. It takes spirit. A.O. said that it is a skill that you have to practice and really work at for it to improve. That sums it up very well.

Weight: 307.5

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