Monday, October 02, 2006

Kumi Tachi #4

T. and I went to weapons class, tonight. After running through bokken kata #2 we started working on kumi tachi #4. While it isn't particularly hard, it is tricky which makes it hard to get it right. There are several facets to the trickiness. First, the tsuki on steps one and two really need to be straight in toward the chest - not high or low or ascending or descending. Second, the response to the second tsuki relies on proper distance being created during the first tsuki and not being overbearing in the first parry. Third, the second parry requires that the parrying bokken pivot around the point of contact with the thrusting bokken, not the left hand as we often do. This type of pivot is used in when going from a parry across to a yokomenuchi strike while maintaining connection with the opposing bokken. This kind of move is essential to avoid giving the opponent something to struggle or push against. Fun stuff!

Tonight was Sensei's 28th anniversary of teaching Aikido at Standley Park.

Weight: 307

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