Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Beginner Night

T. and I came back after a far-too-long absence for sickness, vacation and, well, laziness. It was the first day of the summer session and as T. and I came up to the desk to register there were two young women registering and a young man who'd just finished and was putting on a dogi. T. helped him with his belt. We had at least five new attendees.

A.O. sensei taught tonight. After stretching and kohotento undo, we did rolls to give the new people practice. We worked on sumi otoshi for rolling practice (forward and back) then worked on ikkyo. Next, we worked on katatecosadori kokyunage and katatecosadori kotegaeshi. We finished with some ki exercises.

My left wrist has been bugging me for a couple weeks. I must have tweaked it because I can't bend it forward or back and kotegaeshi is right out.

Weight: 305

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