Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gym - First Morning

A. and I got a started a little late (I set my alarm incorrectly - oops) but we walked down with our towels and our receipts in lieu of our membership cards. We went straight to the recumbent exercyles and did a 20 minute "ride". I ran my heart rate at about 120 and my cadence at just under 100 on level 2 resistance. I'll set my resistance a little higher tomorrow. I'll also try the upright "bike" because my feet kept slipping on the pedals. Too bad the pedals don't have toe-clips! A.'s shoes need arch supports.

C. says she'll work with us via e-mail to design a plan and (hopefully! *fingers crossed*) help us stay motivated. Heck, the next 14 months are paid for. We'd better darn-well use it!

Weight: 306

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