Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Aikido - Test!

The back of my left knee is a little sore from this morning's exercise. Sensei said I had the seat too far back. If it was too close the front of my knee would hurt. I worked with T.W. this before class to help him prep for testing. L.P. is also testing soon. We worked on ryokatatori kokyunage, ryokatatori iriminage, ryokatatetori kokyunage, kokyudoza leading to ryokatatetori tenchinage and some henkawaza variations for when you get stuck in preparation for all the testers. We did a round of randori before the testing and I got to do one. I got a little tied up and spent too much time backing up but got complements from others so I did okay.

Tonight, S.B.(?) (a young woman who often attends our class after working out with the older kids) tested. S. did pretty well even though she was nervous.

It was also the last class for the two sisters from Scotland and their German friend. They're flying back home on Thursday. The older sister brought her new camera (a Canon 30D!) to take a group picture.

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