Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wrist Pain

T. went to her YAMS group tonight to make connections there. She'll be coming to Aikido on Monday and Tuesdays for the summer, at least.

I got to class a bit early to stretch out. I'm a bit stiff from Tuesday (no surprise, there, after almost two months off!). Only one of the older male beginners came back but the two young women (sisters from Scotland) came and brought a friend of theirs from Germany. After warming up and rolling we worked on katatecosadori ikkyo, katatecosadori tenkan kokyunage, katatecosadori sokomen iriminage and other variations. My left wrist, which has been bugging be for a couple weeks (feels like a bit of tendonitis) and it got so I couldn't hold on during the grab as uke. Especially painful was putting my palm on the floor when doing or recovering from ukemi. I had to use the knuckles of my fist to push up with.

I wore out a little earlier tonight because the class was a bit more vigorous than Tuesday.

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