Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Beginning Class?

T. and I got to class with just enough time to practice the kumi tachi we were working on last night before class started. After warming up we started with some ki training leading into katatetori kokyunage (with tenkan). That evolved into katatetori kaitenage. That evolved into... I'm not exactly sure what. After getting uke into the kaitenage position - bent over, arm extended over toward the other shoulder, hand on head - nage, instead of extending farther, steps around uke's head and leading his head the other direction and uke does a back roll or fall almost spinning on his/her back. Next, we used the same setup but switched hands into ikkyo ura. To close, we did some randori. Both T. and I got to do one. I felt pretty good doing mine and others said so, too.

Weight: 305

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