Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Katatetori Everything

T. and I got to class just barely early enough to run through the kumi tachi once each. T.G. showed us how to properly hold the bokken in waki gamae.

After warm up stretches and aiki taiso we worked on the katatetori tai sabaki. That lead to katatetori sumi otoshi and then the same with a tenkan step as the opening tai sabaki. We then worked on several variations of iriminage and then kokyunage. To illustrate extending on the throw instead of throwing down we worked on throwing two people, one on each wrist. Last, we worked on katatetori ikkyo with some of the same tai sabaki that we practiced earlier. We finished up with a round of randori for the soon-to-be-tested students then did some meditation on creating a better world. Visualize, decide, commit, perservere. Another wonderful night.

Weight: 303

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