Thursday, October 12, 2006

Katatori Ikkyo and Nikkyo

T and I got there a little late for stretching but we got to do the aiki taiso and rolls. We worked on katatori ikkyo and katatori nikkyo tonight. They are on the rokkyu tests coming up soon for four people. They'd also likely be on T.'s gokkyu test, too. These are so basic and so integral to the art that no matter how long or how many times you practice on them you can always refine them, always improve them.

Sensei also had us practice that control hold that starts from ikkyo but, instead, nage slides the off-hand down to grasp around uke's thumb. Curling uke's hand back towards uke's ribs then up under that arm. Nage ends up with a control hold that the uke has no choice but to comply with whatever nage wants.

We spent about a quarter of an hour doing paired technique as Sensei called them out. He was specifically watching the people who are close to testing but he didn't want all the rest of us just sitting around. It was a very intense session and I finally had to sit down (but not until after 8:30!). Last, he ran each of the soon-to-be-tested people through a randori. T. did very well with hers even though she said she was completely exhausted. Hmmm... Maybe that helps!

Fun Stuff.

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