Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Aikido - Jiai Dojo

Tonight was our first night practicing at Jiai Aikido. We'll be here all month because the Rec Center is redoing the floors. The dojo is a lovely, spacious place with a large mat area and high ceilings. T. went with me to check it out. Since she might be practicing on Tuesdays and Saturdays I signed her up for the whole month.

Sensei started us off with stretching and paired ukemi practice then we went into a number of techniques starting with munetsuki ikkyo and then several oyowaza including a kokyunage and a koshinage ending. We also did some munetsuki kaitenage.

Another advantage is that we will be learning some of the more tradition dojo practices while we are here. We will be bowing in the style that Soderman Sensei practices in his dojo and helping sweep the mats after class.

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