Thursday, October 18, 2007

Aikido - Movement and Ukemi

We started with kokyunage techniques using a palm-to-palm push instead of an attack to help us feel timing and connection. Sensei then tied each of these to one of the regular attacks for katatetori kokyunage, munetsuki sokomen iriminage (shortest, most direct entry), munetsuki kokyunage (reversing throw version), munetsuki iriminage (internal kotekiri parry and chin push version). We then did some randori and I got a turn. I felt a little disconnected but didn't get too caught up. We ended with kokyudosa, stretching and guided relaxation. I gave M.L. a six-pack of Newcastle Brown Ale for rescuing my weapons from the seminar.

With all the ukemi, I ended up hammering my knees a lot. I need to fix my rolling!

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