Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Aikido - Test Prep

Sensei awarded T.W. rokkyu this evening after his test last Thursday. T. came to practice tonight, too. We worked on ryokatatetori ikkyo (omote and ura), ryokatatetori sokomen iriminage (omote and ura), and ryokatatetori shihonage (omote and ura). We also did some yokomenuchi shihonage. I was feeling pretty drained and I'm blaming it on working out at the gym in the morning but I was able to get through it all. We ended with a set of randori. Sensei let me do two sets with different levels of uke. I did pretty well the first time but with the second group attacking with shomenuchi, yokomenuchi and munetsuki, I didn't do as well. I clobbered K.M. in the nose! Again, more motion and some appropriate and quick responses are what I need to work on.

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